Prepositions Quiz III

Some nouns, adjectives and verbs are followed by particular prepositions. It is not always easy to say which preposition goes after a particular word. This quiz covers some of the most common combinations. Note that alternatives are sometimes possible.

1. You must —————– the terms and conditions.

a) Abide by
b) Abide with
c) Abide in
d) Abide of

2. He has been ——————- classes for a week now.

a) Absent from
b) Absent in
c) Absent at
d) Absent on

3. He is completely ——————– his studies.

a) Absorbed in
b) Absorbed at
c) Absorbed with
d) Absorbed out

4. I regret my inability to —————- your request.

a) Accede to
b) Accede with
c) Accede of
d) Accede in

5. These terms and conditions are not ——————– us.

a) Acceptable to
b) Acceptable with
c) Acceptable at
d) Acceptable from

6. I am only slightly ——————— him.

a) Acquainted with
b) Acquainted to
c) Acquainted at
d) Acquainted from

7. We all must learn to ——————- changing circumstances.

a) Adapt to
b) Adapt in
c) Adapt with
d) Adapt from

8. The hotel is ——————- the railway station.

a) Adjacent with
b) Adjacent to
c) Adjacent in
d) Adjacent from

9. This is a serious situation which —————— no delay.

a) Admits to
b) Admits of
c) Admits from
d) Admits with

10. This college is ——————– the Cambridge University.

a) Affiliated to
b) Affiliated in
c) Affiliated at
d) Affiliated from

11. He is ——————- leprosy.

a) Afflicted with
b) Afflicted to
c) Afflicted at
d) Afflicted from

12. We must ——————— a certain course of action.

a) Agree upon
b) Agree with
c) Agree in
d) Agree to

13. He is —————— drinking.

a) Addicted with
b) Addicted to
c) Addicted in
d) Addicted of

14. Butter does not ——————- me.

a) Agree to
b) Agree with
c) Agree in
d) Agree upon

15. He ——————- the plane.

a) Alighted from
b) Alighted in
c) Alighted off
d) Alighted out


1. Abide by
2. Absent from
3. Absorbed in
4. Accede to
5. Acceptable to
6. Acquainted with
7. Adapt to
8. Adjacent to
9. Admits of
10. Affiliated to
11. Afflicted with
12. Agree upon
13. Addicted to
14. Agree with
15. Alighted from

We agree with a person, opinion or policy.
We agree about a subject of discussion.
We agree upon (or on) a matter for discussion.
We agree to a suggestion.

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